Automated Invoice Tool

When you think of sending an Invoice to your client, what comes to your mind?

A comprehensive Client Management System (Automated Invoice Tool) is one halt for any organization who has a recurring pattern of invoicing. This Tool (AIT) also helps in getting ready with the task-list, which in turn helps in Invoice Itemization ( very beneficial for contractual level Billing).

Traditional Approach!!

In general, if we wish to send an Invoice to our existing customer, we would do that by creating a word format Invoice. Or maybe a manual invoice(Handwritten) or some already available invoicing tool !!

All these processes include some extra efforts in terms of unpredicted cost or maybe unaccountable invoicing. Unaccountable Invoicing here means that when we do send an invoice and then to track the payment we need to maintain a separate mode of accounting (maybe via a manual register or some sort of excel) to see whether the payment is received or not.

Organization may also use the calendar to mark the next reminder (for the payment reminder or reoccurrence) to the client. Automated Invoice Tool help in solving this very basic and very important concern of any small or big organization, who needs the creation of invoice and wish to manage the client w.r.t to payments and their recursion.

Using Automated Invoice Tool, One can manage things like:

  • Create/Manage Clients
  • Create Tasks( which can further be invoiced)
  • Create/Manage Projects
  • Create Quotes/Send Quotes
  • Email Invoices
  • Send Recursion of Invoices / Reminders
  • Collect Payments Online(Using PayPal)
  • Reporting

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