EV SSL Certificate

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EV SSL Certificate

What is EV SSL Certificates ?

An EV SSL certificate is know for it highest level of trust and authentication to your website.Added with padlock and https this certificate comes with green address bar. There is your company name which provides high visibility.This presence provides visual assurance to your customer and earns their trust. The presence of this certificate automatically assures them to proceed with any transaction they are planning to make from your website. It enables a safety handshake between your website and your customer.

EV or Extended Validation SSL certificate is one the best form of SSL certificate available in the market. We also offer EV SSL Certificate and very good Price. The verification process for the EV SSL certificate is more comprehensive in comparison to the OV and DV SSL certificates.

With the installation of EV SSL certificates,the owner has to go through extensive identity verification process, failing to which may lead to no certificate issuance.Owner has to provide many detailed inputs like

  • Confirmation of the legal existence of the domain
  • Operational Existence of the domain
  • Physical Existence of the domain.

These all verification identities are included well in the certificate with informations like

  • Business Name
  • Country  

Shown directly in the browser window.

How does an EV SSL Certificate looks like on Browser ?

As Discussed above the EV SSL certificate comes with high visibility to the customer on the browser itself. Few things which are distinctly visible are

  • Padlock
  • Https
  • Verified Name of the company.
  • Country of the Company.

On Chrome browser it looks like as

With Padlock,https and name of the business/company just before the URL of the company.

On Internet Explorer:

With padlock and name of the business/company on the right side of the Search bar. Https added at the Beginning of the URL.

On Firefox Browser:

It looks as like the chrome browser with padlock,https and the name of the business/company on the left side of the search browser just before the URL of the company.

This view keeps on changing from time to time and it depends on the browser version.

Benefits of EV SSL Certificate

Benefits of using any certificates can be derived from the problem which we are facing. In current time major of the website industry is facing huge phishing and imposter.Phishers have created lot tricks to create a look of their site more trustworthy and get success in getting unsuspecting victims into submitting very vital details like credit card details or any other financial or personal details.

Customer gets trapped on theses trustworthy looking websites and ends up in giving something what phisher is intended to take from the victim.

Free SSL available in the market are also adding to such kind of activities,phisher use this free SSL to create such luring and safe looking website.

EV SSL certificate at this point solves this riddle by verifying the identity of the website owner. This SSL certificate not only verifies the identity but also shows it on the website for the end user to see and decide before submitting any sensitive information.

EV SSL combats this fear from the visitors mind and assures them for any transaction that are planning to make from the website.

Planning to Buy SSL Certificate ?

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