Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is SSL?
    SSL (Secure socket layer) is a standard security technology that provides secure communications between a web server and a browser, thereby ensuring that all communication that happens between a web server and browser(s) remains encrypted and hence private. SSL Certificate has become an industry standard that is used by millions of websites worldwide to protect all communication and data.
  2. Do I need to Buy an SSL Certificate? Why should I buy an SSL Certificate?
    Yes, SSL certificate reflects your credibility and shows your sincerity towards your visitors and concern towards the data that is travelling because of your website.
  3. How can I use 256 Bit Encryption?
    256-bit encryption will give you 256 bit encryption to your data and information. All the certificates provided by us are having 256 Bit encryption.
  4. What is an SSL Certificate Warranty?
    SSL Certificate Warranty provides insurance in case of your data is misused, hacked due to flaws in the certificate. We have all the certificates with SSL Warranty
  5. What Servers will the SSL certificate support?
    It will support all the servers.
  6. What size keys does SSL Certificate use?
    It uses two types of keys. Public Key and the Private key.
  7. Why does the website say the SSL certificate is “Untrusted”?
    The main reason for this is that may be your certificate is not installed properly. Please contact us to get it checked and installed properly.
  8. When trying to go to the website over HTTPS it displays the message ‘The page cannot be displayed’?
    This error normally occurs due to the following reasons:
    1. Port 443 is blocked by server’s firewall or the end-user’s firewall.
    2. The https server is down. This can be verified by checking your respective web server’s task manager. Please ensure that the server running https service is up.
    3. Incomplete SSL certificate.your SSL might not be installed correctly.
  9. Do I need a dedicated/ Static IP Address to use SSL Certificate?
    No it is not required, as the SSL is binded with the domain name which is by default unique.
  10. What is a Private Key?
    Private Key is the key kep in users server privately. It must not be shared with anyone and in case this private key is lost you may have to regenerate the CSR key. contact us to get this fixed.