How does SSL certificate work to keep information secure?

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How does SSL Work !!

One thing that keeps your business up and running is trust. When you say trust, it can be because of

  • your relations with your clients.
  • Your consistency in delivering the promised value.
  • Meeting the target on said timelines.
  • Being true in any situation and many more.

To succeed in this existing world of high competition you must have 100% of your inputs in anything you do. One small mistake can lead to the path of downtime.

Now if your business is online, one thing that becomes backbone of your business success is your website. To run your business on your website it becomes very important to make sure that your website is secure. SSL Certificate Installation of your website helps you in making your website secure. It also enables a trust lock between you and your clients. This SSL Certificate regenerates trust between your clients. Because of this SSL Certificate installed, your website becomes safe point for anyone visiting your page.

How does SSL Certificate work?

This is one of the questions that always hit our minds, when we think of setting up SSL Certificate on our website. To understand how SSL Certificate work does, refer this diagram below

SSL certificate have a key pair, a public and a private key. These three identities are responsible in creating an encrypted connection. There is one more filed generally termed as “Subject” which helps in identifying the certificate name/website name.

On a request to the server with SSL Certificate already installed, both the parties i.e. Web-Browser (point where user is sitting to access your website) and the Server establishes a secure pathway, can also be termed as encrypted path. This kind of secured path created is instantaneous and happens immediately once the connection between two parties are established. Once this handshake is success unique session key is generated, which now is used for any further exchange of information.

Communication happens between such secured path and help your user feel safe even in entering their confidential details like credentials etc. During this exchange of information under secured connection because of this SSL Handshake there is continuous encryption and decryption that takes place.

At one end browser decrypts the information received from server shows to the end user. Also it encrypts the information submitted by user before sending it to the server.

At another end Server performs in synchronous to web-browser, request as received from web-browser being in encrypted mode is decrypted to read and interpret. Once the information is process and it is ready to be sent back to the user it is again encrypted and transmitted in the network.

This to-and-from exchanges of messages happens in cycle.

Refer above diagram, which gives a clear representation of the SSL works.

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