1. ORDERS: All orders whatsoever made by the user are subjected to the realization of the payment made, as soon as the payment is made a unique email is sent to the user’s email account from the payment gateway.

Once the payment is received someone from the technical team will give email/call to the purchasing party for the installation assistance. After the installation is made order is termed as completed.

2. PRICES: Unit pricing for all products and services ordered will depend on the invoice. after application of the desired promo-code a final price is being prompted by the system. This price once paid remains confirm for that particular order. If the order is not coming in the refund category the refund in any case would not be generated.

3. PAYMENT TERMS: Standard Terms of the payment in advance only. One has to make the purchase before the installation of the certificate/product. We guarantee the product delivery failing for which completed amount whatsoever paid would be refunded within 14 Days of the issue raised.

4. INTEREST/LATE FEES:During the time of renewal,late payment fee would be applicable on the products (if the purchased product lie in the category of the renewal).

5. MODIFICATION OF PAYMENT/CREDIT TERMS: This clause remains liquid and is totally depended in the terms of the payment gateway providers and the local finance laws.

6. DELIVERY: Being an e product Deliver would be virtual in nature i.e desired software would be either downloaded in the users local machine with certificate issued or license key.

7. ACCEPTANCE/RETURNS: Only products falling in the category of return/refund will be acceptable for the cancellation of the orders and claim for the refund.

8. DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES: Product like SSL certificate comes with specific insurance warranty specific to the product. Refer product details carefully to know more about the product.1