Why Choose DV SSL Certificate?

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DV SSL Certificate

Domain-validated certificate or DV SSL Certificate

The domain-validated certificate also termed as DV Validation certificate. Typically used for TLS (Transport Layer Service). At TLS, domain name of the application or the website-domain owner has been validated by proving some better control over a DNS Domain.

These Certificates are lowest in cost for securing a website. This certificate lacks any authentication or validation of the business behind the website. OV and EV Certificates are better version of DV. Almost all kind of browser supoort these certificates and are mobile friendly as well.

What do we understand by Better control over a DNS Domain?

To understand the DV certificate, we should first understand the DNS Domain control over:

  • whois records
  • DNS records file
  • email or web hosting account of a domain.

The validation via any of the above ways proves the complete authority of the domain owner with the DNS. In simple term using this method, we make sure that domain owner and the Domain owners account are managed through a single channel of authority.

Ways to validate domain for DV SSL Certificate can be:

  • Response to the email sent to the email contact in the domain’s whois details
  • Response to the email sent to a well-known administrative contact in the domain, e.g. (admin@, postmaster@, etc.)
  • Publishing a DNS TXT record
  • Publishing a nonce provided by an automated certificate issuing system

DV certificate does not assure any legal entity connected with the website name, Even if the domain name implies a particular legal entity controls the domain. For this kind of validation, we need to have the EV kind of certificate.

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