Why SSL Certificate?

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SSL Certificate

This can be the first question that can come to anyone’s mind. Why SSL Certificate? In order to understand the Why of SSL, we should First Understand What is SSL?

What is SSL?

SSL is termed as Secured Socket Layer. It helps you secure your information exchange on the internet. The SSL Certificate makes sure that information so sent from your system is reaching the desired end point. When we say desired end point, then it means that my data is only reaching to the destination where I want to send to.

One very simple example to understand the desired end point,I am sending some message to my friends,while chatting on the Internet, I would always wish that my messages are only reaching him/her. My message should not be readble to anyone in the middle of the network. Else my privacy of information on internet is not safe. Imagine if my information sent is sensitive then,their are high chances that instead of my friend,their are other people who are reading that information.

Check the diagram above,sending plane data over the internet can easily be ready and interpreted by any unwanted intruder or hacker sitting on the way. We are very much aware that data which travels on internet has to pass through multiple Route or in simple language multiple computers.

Introducing SSL

In order to get rid of this unsafe transportation of the data. Which by all means is not good for any form of data travelling on the internet from your source. Intruders can have multiple reasons to intercept your data, read it modify it and use it illegally. This illegal usage can also lead you in big trouble. So the solution to this very generic problem is very simple. Gift your website a SSL Certificate. See below the basic scenario which will help you understand more of why SSL?

Now, if we compare both the diagrams, we can very well understand the basic why of SSL Certificate. I am trying to send the same message to my intended source, but because of the SSL certificate Installed the message reaching the hacker is encrypted. Hacker does not have the key to decrypt my message. The message is only readable to end-point which has my decryption key.

So, If I ask you again what is SSL Certificate ?

SSL Certificate is the certificate, which enables safe communication between two endpoints. Data in the encrypted format travels from one point to another. There are different level of encryption that are possible with different kind of SSL certificate that you buy.

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